San Ysidro Farm

How We Got Started

Nathan and Jackie Watkins have always shared a love of agriculture. Since they both grew up in rural Southeastern Arizona where they were merely surrounded by all types of farms or ranches including their families. They knew they wanted to carry out their dreams and passions of growing an agricultural business together. The farm started with cattle, then moved to sheep, along with other miscellaneous pet animals, then pigs. They have been selling at the local Farmers Markets for about 18 years now. They plan to keep the business going along with many future plans.

Why We Do, What we do

We believe in keeping the animals in a natural environment, outside with space to roam. It is healthier and more humane for the animal as well as for the people who eat them. Our grass-fed animals are raised on irrigated and native pastures. We believe that the best ruminant meat comes from animals that are eating what they we designed to eat...Grass and browse. 

We make sure that all of the product offered in our Natural Meats program has never been exposed to antibiotics, artificial hormones or growth stimulates, or any un-neccessary medicines. If it becomes necessary for us to treat an animal with antibiotics, that animal is removed from the Natural Meats program and sold through ordinary means.